What to Expect Working With Me

Working on a project for clients is one of the joys of freelancing.  I have created processes for my business relationship with clients to ensure that projects run within budget and on time.  Here is what to expect:

When a client contacts me I don’t start working on the project so soon after contact, since in web development there is something called requirements gathering that has to be accomplished first.  This helps me tremendously to know what you the client wants out of your website and to know what direction I can go to help you in the best way possible.

Firstly I will send you a link to my website process.  It’s an easy download and a link to my discovery form to fill out via email.  Once you have read and understood my process and have filled out the form I will analyze the information gathered.

I like to do things in a professional methodical way so after requirements gathering I will send you a proposal outlining the cost and details of your project.  Once you love this proposal and we both agree that we would like to work with each other the fun stuff can begin.

The fun stuff begins after I send over a contract for your signature.  This part is really short and neat because I do this totally online this saves on back and forth, which means more time to start your project less time on legalese.

Contract all wrapped up and happy developer and client checked I begin working on your project after full payment is received.  A little aside here, it takes the both of us to make your website the best.   I enjoy having your input since a website can’t be built on code alone.   Once I complete your website and everything is running and your website has launched I hope you do a happy dance or you can celebrate however you like, no judgment here.

Update August 4, 2017:   If the scope of your project is undefined or open-ended.  I’m open to a weekly rate as well.

By Gina Charles

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Disclaimer: These are my musings and thoughts and does not in any way fix all problems on the web. They are tiny snippets of possibilities. Please share this post, comment or contact me too.


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