How Content Writing and Programming Are Similar and Why I Do Both

You stare at a blank page and you have to fill this blank page with words.  The page can be for a blog post or it can be for a website.  On this page, I have to create something valuable.

Content writing and programming are very similar in that you have to make something out of thin air that will encourage someone to act, whether it’s through obtaining something that resonates with them on a deep level or they just want to be entertained or learn something new.  These two aspects of allowing a customer to do something is why I do what I do.

Here are two examples:

A visitor to a website enters the website not knowing what to do and through great user experience and coding, they intuitively know what to do.  Whether it’s to sign up then log in become a member of a website that helps them to achieve their goal;  programming leads to this outcome.

A visitor comes to your blog post because they want to learn about cloud computing and through a call to action it leads to further information.  Breadcrumbs lead to more bread crumbs such as downloading an e-book or downloading a white paper.  They are curious they want to know more, be informed, take action.  They are looking for a solution to their pressing problem

A body in motion without force goes nowhere, it is inert.  Content writing and programming spur people to improve their lives by seeking out a tool that will make them better at their jobs, better at their personal lives and just better overall.

Both content writing and programming need writing and both require creativity.  They can be hard because the whiteness of the page beckons and can be intimidating but once it is filled it gets a lot easier to create one word at a time.

They require logic, yes content requires some logic.  You have to know how readers would read your content where they will have pause and where they would act.

They both paint a picture:  for programming, it’s the interface or the skin of the application and the bare bones of the back-end.  For content, it’s using words to create images within your readers’ mind, the backbone of which is getting within their psyche causing them to think then act.

It’s a natural progression for these two seemingly disparate forms of expression to be amalgamated.  You can’t find a website without writing that’s skilful and resonates with a customer and you can’t provide content writing online without a website.  It ‘s one of those: which comes first the chicken or the egg scenarios.

Are you seeking assistance with content writing?  That is blogs, e-books and white papers for your website?  Or are you clueless about how to start building your website?  All is not lost reach out here.  I’m always happy to help.

By Gina Charles

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Disclaimer: These are my musings and thoughts and does not in any way fix all problems on the web. They are tiny snippets of possibilities. Please share this post, comment or contact me too.

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